2nd Gear: I am shocked that there isn't an independent software designer that has stepped up to specialize only in-car infotainment software. I can't stomach Microsoft being in charge of designing anything intuitive. I'm a Mac fanboy, but I can't see them designing anything worth a damn for cars. » 4/09/14 3:11pm 4/09/14 3:11pm

This will lead to a sleuth of issues. People will rely solely on the camera to back up without turning their torso and head to actually see the back (which, in every car that's equipped with backup camera tells you to use the camera as a reference). The camera provides a rear view, but doesn't provide the peripheral… » 3/31/14 7:47pm 3/31/14 7:47pm

Go tubeless if you're riding a mountain bike, but pump the tires full of self-patching goo. I hate tubes. I have had too many rides ruined because of flats. Since I switched to tubeless, the worst thing that happened was I lost some air, which I could pump back up with a short pump. » 3/28/14 2:18pm 3/28/14 2:18pm

Look, I'm Asian. I watch TGUK religiously because it is hilarious. What makes hilarious? because of the jackassery that take place between the three men, as well as their jokes and (sometimes) cheesy puns. I watch it because they get to drive the most incredible cars offered from all over the world that I, for one,… » 3/28/14 2:11pm 3/28/14 2:11pm

The solution is simple. If you're caught holding the phone, you will be ticketed. Make the ticket $500+ per offense, and make it count as a moving violation. Do that, and people will stop. Yes, there will be arguments about this. But this is the same principle as if you're holding an open container of beer, but you're… » 3/27/14 10:12pm 3/27/14 10:12pm

One of the safest things is to see the FJ Cruiser about to be axed from the Toyota lineup. I love it because you can still get a pretty basic truck, with steelies nonetheless, and desert brown paint. They somewhat ruined the interior with too many make-believe plastic parts. » 3/27/14 9:55pm 3/27/14 9:55pm

Yup. Same has happened to me as well. I would be in the fast lane trying to pass two semis, and have every intention of moving over when I'm done. I'm already 10+mph faster than the flow of traffic, and some pinky-dick would be in one of those and tailgate (or if a F-250 is not available, swap for a Tahoe) me. I don't… » 3/27/14 3:32pm 3/27/14 3:32pm

I think a procedure should be implemented to allow officers to put up a black tarp wall around the scene. I, too, have witnessed accidents that occurred as a result of someone pulled over by the police, or just simply stopped in the breakdown lane to fix a flat tire. » 3/27/14 12:28am 3/27/14 12:28am