Great video, Doug! I have to say I was not surprised a 1-series tried to race you. As an E90 owner myself, I have witnessed numerous attempts of asshats in cars similar to mine (E92 and E93) tried to race me or other fast cars. The E9X cars are nice, but not a super car by any far stretch. It's quick, but nothing to… » 5/23/14 2:33am 5/23/14 2:33am

An uncle of mine *almost* bought one. He had been a Honda guy throughout his entire life. His first car was a first-gen Accord 3-door, which got him through college, and lasted almost 250k miles of moronic adolescent abuse. His next car was another Accord, bought in 1987. When he got a huge promotion, he wanted to… » 5/22/14 11:10pm 5/22/14 11:10pm

I would agree, except good luck finding a E28 M5 in good shape. They're up there with unicorn sightings, at least in the US. My co-worker was selling hers about 10 years ago. I should've bought it. It was her Dad's car, and though the mileage was a bit high, she had records for everything. » 5/17/14 10:59am 5/17/14 10:59am

The problem with the Camaro is that it is a wide car. I've rented several of them, and while they're fun to drive, they are a bitch to park, until you get used to the dimensions. In most stalls, the Camaro fills it up from one line to the other with little space to spare on each side, and the coupe doors swing wide… » 5/07/14 11:30am 5/07/14 11:30am

2nd Gear: I am shocked that there isn't an independent software designer that has stepped up to specialize only in-car infotainment software. I can't stomach Microsoft being in charge of designing anything intuitive. I'm a Mac fanboy, but I can't see them designing anything worth a damn for cars. » 4/09/14 3:11pm 4/09/14 3:11pm

This will lead to a sleuth of issues. People will rely solely on the camera to back up without turning their torso and head to actually see the back (which, in every car that's equipped with backup camera tells you to use the camera as a reference). The camera provides a rear view, but doesn't provide the peripheral… » 3/31/14 7:47pm 3/31/14 7:47pm

Go tubeless if you're riding a mountain bike, but pump the tires full of self-patching goo. I hate tubes. I have had too many rides ruined because of flats. Since I switched to tubeless, the worst thing that happened was I lost some air, which I could pump back up with a short pump. » 3/28/14 2:18pm 3/28/14 2:18pm

Look, I'm Asian. I watch TGUK religiously because it is hilarious. What makes hilarious? because of the jackassery that take place between the three men, as well as their jokes and (sometimes) cheesy puns. I watch it because they get to drive the most incredible cars offered from all over the world that I, for one,… » 3/28/14 2:11pm 3/28/14 2:11pm

My 93 F-150, which is the family beater, has seen more action than those douche barges. It looks decent, but by no means a beauty queen. It's got a dent on at the passenger side. Paint is starting to fade. It gets washed about 5 times a year, through the cheapest car wash I can find. It has a seat cover that I bought… » 3/28/14 12:42am 3/28/14 12:42am